Winter 2017 First Impressions Part 1

For the first time on this site, I will be watching every single first episode of the season. This is a massive undertaking so I will be splitting it up into two separate articles.

Akiba’s Trip

83185lI’m pretty sure I own this game on Steam; I haven’t played it yet but it looks pretty fun. If this show is anything like the game itself I can know to expect a lot of things: ridiculous over the top action, funny dialogue, and cute girls. The animation in this show is almost too good for it, everything is fluid and it feels so vibrant and unique. While the show itself is very shameless, often relying on boobies and butts for the sources of its humor, it does it with enough energy that it is still fun. The character designs themselves leave a little to be desired, but they function well enough on their own.



Masamune-kun no Revenge

83709lThis show, to put it bluntly, isn’t very good. Now it’s nothing terrible or anything but it’s also nothing new. The story itself is extremely mean spirited and not very fun at all. The main character, a self-insert, is so unlikable that no one would reasonably want to insert themselves into, is one of the worst characters I have seen in a very long time. He’s really sleazy and gross, yet he isn’t even the worst part of this, yet the the main girl is somehow even less likable. She’s an absolute fucking bitch for basically no reason, and her only humanizing aspect is “lol she eats a lot”. Another major gripe I have with this show is how weirdly, uh, unrealistic all the dialogue is. There is a scene where the MC’s sister basically says “You showered and looked in the mirror, what are you a loser?” It made no sense. Nobody on Earth talks like this. This show is very petty, very cynical and not at all fun. But hey, if you like shit like this more power to you.


Youji Senki

82890lI’ve heard the manga of this is supposed to be good, but since I’m judging solely based off of one episode of the anime I think that this is an absolute fucking disaster. Now I’m not entirely saying that in a bad way; there are some really good things about it mostly in regards to the action choreography and the landscapes. They are all super breathtaking and some of the best action I’ve seen in a show in a while. The problem is literally everything else is hilariously bad: the little nazi girl, the character art, and the plot are all so goofy and honestly dumb that it is almost impossible to take seriously. I do feel like this show has high potential, but not high potential to be good. High potential to be a trainwreck like Big Order or Cross Ange.



82560lSchoolgirl Strikers – Animation Channel

Other than a few well animated action scenes, this show is a bore. It moves at a snail’s pace, and hits basically every note that you’d expect.




82440lMinami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu

I really like this. There is a real old school charm to this show that’s lacking in modern anime; there is no meta humour, there are no gimmicks. It’s what it says on the tin and I totally respect that. Last season we had a show called Long Riders and it was mostly garbage, but it gave me a yearning for an actually good moe cycling anime. I was lucky that the very next season I got this! Now don’t get me wrong, this show isn’t doing anything great, just simply good. Think of it as an early 2000’s Slice of Life as opposed to a modern one. Another thing that shouldn’t go unsaid is how absolutely fucking gorgeous the backgrounds in this show are. Shoutouts to the live action segment at the end, really taught me how to select the perfect bike frame!


Urara Meirochou

82861lThis show is very cute, and it is about as close as you can get to DogaKobo without actually being that. It’s a simple Slice of Life with a lot of charm. The world that’s set up is really adventurous and unique. The main girl is a bit obnoxious and has a pretty awful running gag, but that isn’t enough to detract from the overall quality. I don’t know if it’s because at this point I still haven’t seen something I think is great, but this is definitely worth checking out!





I wanted a good new romance show. This is not it. I did not watch episode two.






I couldn’t even sit through 10 minutes of this.





Awesome. This show’s first episode is the biggest surprise so far. The characters all feel very real and interesting, and that’s rare for a romance anime to stray away from tropey character archetypes such as the tsundere. This show heavily benefits from doing that as it adds a huge level of charm and individuality to an already good show. Prime example is one of the characters is a furry. This is brought up one time and implied again later, but it is never played for laughs, it’s just part of who this guy is. The show looks really good too, the girls are cute and the guys you can actually tell apart. This is what Fuuka wanted to be. If you liked Amagami SS, you are going to like this.



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