Winter 2017 First Impressions Part 2

Link to part one.

Idol Jihen


MAPPA is one of my favourite studios because of how ballsy they are, and they haven’t disappointed with Idol Jihen. This is a bizarre show on a conceptual level; what if idols were also politicians? And let me tell you, it is actually pretty fucking absurd. The first episode was almost entirely exposition and building up the leads. Which is all well and good, it ended with the MC being elected to Idol Congress. Episode one hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of how absolutely crazy this is going to get and I am very excited.




Little Witch Academia


As expected, it’s fucking amazing.






ElDLIVE is as average as you can possibly get. Everything has this weird glossy sheen to it to distract you from how mediocre it is. Honestly can’t think of much more to say about this.






A lot of people don’t seem to like this show, and I can only assume it’s the same people who hype up Re:Zero endlessly. This is not your standard anime. There is something mature and borderline ugly about it. It’s a period piece about a Samurai Thief. There are no cute waifus to fawn over, no over-the-top ridiculous personalities. Everything is very serious and grounded. It’s a simple show and that’s all it has to be. This is something special, it makes me sad that no one is watching it.




Demi-chan wa Kataritai


This season is the Mecca of cute girls doing cute things. I really like this one, with its needlessly adorable characters (shoutout to the succubus teacher) and lighthearted, humorous dialogue. Also, the main character isn’t your typical brown-haired high school boy, which is a nice change of pace. Loving it.




Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari


It’s another mobile game adaptation, this one isn’t good. They never are (except Shingeki no Bahamut). Best part is how blatant a rip off so much of this show is of Fire Emblem Fates. Nintendo could honestly sue them; it’s that bad.




Hand Shakers


No. Awful, easily the worst thing i’ve seen or will see this season, this is worse than Spiritpact. Fuck. It’s so goddamn ugly I could barely stomach watching it. This isn’t a joke–the off-putting and jerky movement of the camera, the horrendous colour palettes and eye-blisteringly bad 3-D actually made me sick to my stomach. Why. Episode 1 is an actual must-watch though, just because of how it gets EVERYTHING wrong.




Gabriel DropOut


Finally, in a season packed to the rim with DogaKobo style Slice of Lifes we get one actually by DogaKobo. And i gotta say, it’s really good. It’s like if they made Umaru-chan but it wasn’t a complete pile of dogshit. There is no annoyance here, the characters are funny and cute. Really simple and clean, exactly what you should expect from DogaKobo.




ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka


This is unlike any show i’ve ever seen; and in a season that is pretty homogenous in general I really appreciate it. The character designs are interesting and stylish, which adds a lot of personality to the show as a whole. The show itself is pretty slow and focuses on a not too interesting topic. Which in anime terms means it’s going to be a good show. Shows that have boring premises are usually the best ones. The OP which I haven’t really talked about for many other shows; is simply amazing. It has this cool jazzy vibe which really sets it apart from all the bog standard Jpop in other shows.




Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon


Good comedic timing is hard to pull off when watching anime because of the subtitles. So when a show nails it like last year’s Tanaka-kun or this show it really impresses me. This show is funny and really lands all of its’ jokes in the best way. Add on top of that KyoAni’s typical polish and you have yourself a good fun time. Wish this was in a season with less slice-of-life shows though.




Kuzu no Honkai


This one was painful to get through, and not in a bad way. Everything about this first episode was carefully constructed to be as uncomfortable and unnerving as possible. The sex scene near the end of the first episode is one of the hardest things i’ve had to sit through in a really long time. That speaks volumes to the skill of the director Andou Masaomi though, who made every moment in this show hit exactly the beats it needed. This isn’t your standard love story. This is depraved, deranged, dirty and mean. If you want escapism do not go to this show, watch something like Fuuka or Nisekoi. This will make you upset and even squeamish at times but it is brilliantly done and beautifully honest.




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