2017 Watching Challenge – Part 1 (RODAN)

The MyAnimeList 2017 watching challenge is pretty simple, you get a bingo card with a bunch of challenges on it and then fill it out as you see fit. Link to the thread. I am personally doing a Major challenge, which is 27 shows. 

I’ve currently completed 3 of the shows on my chart, and if all goes well I will probably move up to Emperor level.

Here are the shows I’ve seen so far.


Challenge 73 – Finish an on-hold or dropped anime – Arakawa Under The Bridge X Bridge
Arakawa is a show that I started in 2014. That’s 3 years ago. Back then I finished the first season, which I immensely enjoyed and then for some reason never watched the second season. I’m glad I picked it back up because it’s damn funny, all the characters are amazing and the increased focus on Ric and Nino’s relationship is welcome. All the same funny characters are still there, and they even flesh out some of the lesser used characters from the first season; such as Last Samurai, Billy and Jacqueline. They even introduce a new character, Amazoness, who is just absolutely fucking hilarious. I wish Shaft would get its head out of Monogatari’s ass so we can get more shows like this out of them.


Challenge 47 – Watch a show tagged as Shounen or Seinen – One Outs

One Outs is a pretty cool show, its been on my plan to watch forever. I love high stakes gambling as a concept and combining that with baseball was an inspired decision. The main character Tokuchi Toua is best described as Light Yagami but if he was a baseball pitcher. Everything is always according to keikaku for this guy, and that sort of detracts from the tension because you just know he will never really fail at anything. But that also is what makes it so alluring as a series, its fun as fuck and the main character is unrivalled. Sometimes stuff like that is pretty cool, like in One Punch Man (which follows a similar format to this honestly). Every baseball game is like, Tokuchi does something unexpected and his team is like WTF despite him doing this every day. And sometimes he doesnt arrive to bail people out until the last possible second. Extremely fun show, extremely unique and im totally glad I watched it for this challenge.


Challenge 65 – Watch an anime using predictive search for your username – C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

This show is a lot better in theory than it is in execution. I don’t have much to actually say, the show is really ugly, the fights are kinda cool. The plot is very similar to Selector Infected WIXOSS – in that losing causes your life to go down the shitter hole. There’s a really powerful reveal in episode 4, but that’s the strongest the show sucks you in emotionally. Everything else is entirely mediocre, I wouldn’t ever recommend it. If you must watch it though its only 11 episodes long and you can do a lot worse.



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